Corporate American Solutions (CAS Corp)Corporate American Solutions, LLC (CAS Corp.)

We are one of the firsts companies formed by Cariola Group and we engage in branding our Natural Products and develop them such as “Extra Mega Prostamax” and our newest product “Bioxtron”.  Our products are now marketed throughout the American market.

We own a laboratory which develops all our products with high quality ingredients; we also work with different associates to expand our product line which are offered in our call center employing over 200 qualified and trained sales associates to commercialize the products.

We can proudly say that we have learned in all of our years of experience in the Latino market in the United States to conjugate the verb to sell. Knowing how to close each sale / transaction, and we complete thousands of transactions, distributing the products and most importantly, we follow up with our clients so they may see that our interest is not only the sale of our products but also to integrate them to our own network.

Branding our products and creating our own formulas, throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, we can say that in the last couple of years we have grown in a non-traditional manner, in a world economy where progress is hard to see and is easy to feel its effect.

These are some of the products we have developed.


Become a leader in telecommunications solutions, investment management and distribution channels with our own Call / Contact center

Thanks to the business conducted, continued learning experience and knowledge gained in the market during the past eight years of full activity, our team understands that to fulfill our vision, it is necessary to permanently adapt to rapidly changing technology, be attentive to the changing market and know the trend of competition.


To provide our customers the best products and the best business solutions at all times. No doubt we are fulfilling our mission relying mainly on two pillars, first technology-intensive knowledge and use and thus keeping up with all the events taking place in the technological environment and the second and most important our staff, which we believe in, encourage and train and that is certainly for us the real value added.

Those who trusted in Cariola Group have strengthened our rapid and organized growth, so we like to consider ourselves strategic partners with our clients, apart from all our "Partners". Our philosophy is simple: "Always close to our customer", and meet all your expectations and understand their needs.