Hidroxol: 3 Bottles

Hidroxol: 3 Bottles
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Few people know that 99% of the diseases we suffer are due to a phenomenon called acidosis. Acidosis is simply a condition in which there is too much acid in the fluids of the body. Our body must maintain a specific degree of alkalinity to function healthily.

Everything we eat and drink acidifies our metabolism. Any decrease in the variation of PH(potential of hydrogen) levels in the blood triggers most diseases, ranging from diabetes to overweight.

The human body works best in a slightly alkaline state. As the body becomes more acidic, body weight, acne, irritability, and other problems occur. The foods that contain the most acidity are sugars, grains, coffee, soda, and artificial sweeteners. To counter this serious problem HIDROXOL was developed. HIDROXOL is a new natural supplement that promotes the alkalization of the body, and achieves acceptable levels of acidity for the perfect chemistry in the body.

  "Acidity kills". A person with acidosis is a sick person. A body with high acidity levels is a magnet for diseases such as cancer and aging.


Hidroxol is 100% natural with no side effects.

Maintains acceptable level of acidity.

Helps treat:

  • Non-cardiac chest discomfort
  • Skin outbreaks
  • Weight increase
  • Hair loss
  • Headaches

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